About US - 1stAnimeFree

1stAnimeFree is a place made by fans, Made for the fans. It's where you can find high-quality anime movies for free.

Team 1stAnimeFree aims to provide great quality Anime related content to people of all ages. The idea is to spread the love for Anime and share it with people all around the world. We believe that the amazing stories in different Anime movies or series need to be shared with the world. With that in mind, we created 1stAnimeFree and decided to make it free for everyone.

We have made the website in a way that it’s very easy to use. We made all of the sections as simple as possible. You can bookmark any episode you want and watch it later by signing up. You can also, search up any anime you want easily using the search bar. If you want us to add any anime (movie or series) that we haven’t already added then just email us at [email protected]